Monday, January 21, 2013

OWH Design Bootcamp - the ABC's of Color

Good afternoon

Well it has been an interesting afternoon -- I saw that we had a homework assignment to choose one of the basic Color Harmonies and create a card to share with everyone.  I decided -- okay I can do this..... Well.......... I got the brainy idea to make four cards using the different color schemes.  Well I did complete all four -- the jury is still out as to whether I accomplished the task -- I worked with pure colors or hues.  I did not have a large variety of card stock in the tints or tones so I just used what I had on hand.  I then decided to use one stamp set to make all four cards.   For some reason my pictures turned out darker than I would like -- I am going to go ahead and post them and if I am able to get better pictures I'll post them at another time.  So here it goes.

Thanks for stopping in -- and a special thanks for those of you that have taken the time to leave me very nice comments.  Happy crafting.


Sharon S.

All four that I made

1.  Monohromatic -- uses variations of tint, tones and shades

I used Hues in Violet

2. Analogous colors - colors are any three which are side by side on the 12 part color wheel -

One color is used as a dominant color and my dominant was the violet with red and red violet as accents.

3. Complementary Colors - are any two colors which are directly opposite each other.
When you choose a dominant color - there is a high-contrast and it works best if
you choose one as the dominant and the other to highlight.
I chose yellow and violet with yellow being my dominant color
4.  A color scheme based on Nature
I chose violet as my color for the flower and green like the leaves
for my main color .


Paula S. said...

Oh my you went above and beyond! These came out nicely and it shows that you don't need a ton of supplies or stamps to create a very elegant card design. I particularly like the green and purple combination (It's one I always find myself attracted to). The embossing adds nice texture and detail to the solids too. Thanks for sharing these!

Nancy Keller said...

So pretty!!! I would find it impossible to pick which one I like best! Maybe the violets. :) well done!! Thanks for joining us for boot camp!